People Botanical Body Care is based in New York. It is the people of New York City, with all their beautiful diversity, multi-culture, fashion, music, art, self-expression, creativity, community, and joy, that are the inspiration for our brand. Some of our products are made in Australia, some are made here in USA, and some are made in Europe. All our products use native Australian botanical extracts and oils in the formulations. We have been making plant-based, salon quality hair care, body care and skin care products for over thirty-five years.

We started making our first hair care and body care products back in the eighties. Our whole family was vegetarian and there were very few plant-based products available in mainstream stores, apart from health food stores, and of course there was no online shopping or intenet back then. The selection of products at health food stores at the time used good clean ingredients, but some were often not very effective, and not salon quality or luxurious. We owned and operated exclusive hair and beauty salons, including locations at leading five-star resorts and hotels. We were living and enjoying the health and wellness benefits of a plant-based diet and lifestyle and wanted to extend that to our personal care products and share that with everyone. We also didn't see why people living a plant-based lifestyle couldn't enjoy luxurious and effective products made without animal derived ingredients or toxic chemicals. So, we started making professional salon quality products that were made without animal products and without animal testing, and without petrochemical ingredients. We were among the first to introduce vegetarian and vegan hair care and body care products to conventional retail chains, and were also among the first to introduce plant-based amenities products to hotels and resorts way back in the 80's.

Our motivation has always been to create luxurious high-quality hair, body and skin care products for everyday use that were more sustainable, highly effective, and enjoyable to use. We love great smelling, luxurious products that deliver superior professional care for your hair and body, but not at the expense of the environment, animals or the health of our skin and body.

Back then we often had to explain the benefits of, and reasons why, we chose to live a plant-based lifestyle, and the potential benefits to all of us individually, our communities, and to the environment if more people chose more sustainable, plant-based products. When presenting our products and explaining the differences to regular mainstream products, we would literally get asked by some retailers, “But why? or “Who cares?”. We had some very funny experiences. Once a buyer from a large retail chain said to us in a meeting, over thirty years ago “I don't think people care what ingredients are in a shampoo". By the time we had flown home there was a hand-written fax (for those of you who don't know, a fax was an ancient form of communication) waiting for us saying “Apparently they do care! — order coming”. After we had left, all the people in the office tried our samples and loved them and urged the buyer to put the products on shelf. We launched among the first ranges of luxurious plant-based soaps in supermarkets. Most people didn't know at the time that regular soap was made from tallow which is basically animal-fat that is a bi-product of abattoirs (slaughterhouses). We remember the surprise on the face of the CEO of one of the largest global cosmetic companies when this fact (that regular soaps were made from animal fats) was explained to him in the early nineties, and he was in a senior position in the cosmetic industry. We usually had to source and import our own raw materials as they were not widely available at the time.

We were soon exporting our plant-based products to Hong Kong, Japan, USA (including a then relatively small retail chain called Whole Foods Markets), Canada, UK (Holland & Barrett, Waitrose, Marks & Spencer), France (Galleries Lafayette, Auchan Supermarkets, Douglass Perfumeries), Sweden (Sephora) and many other countries.

We started developing our new brand, People Botanical Body Care many years ago and it is the culmination of our years of research and development and testing, creating plant-based products, and owning and operating hair and beauty salons and spas. We are so pleased that we can finally, after many years in the making, offer our new products to you. We hope you enjoy using them and look forward to hearing from you.


We use plant-derived raw materials in our curated aromas, which are created exclusively for us. These are different to the petrochemical based fragrances used in most mainstream products. The US FDA regulations requires us to use the term “Fragrance” in the ingredients lists on our packaging, even though that term is usually associated with petrochemical based fragrance, whereas our aroma blends are made with plant-derived raw materials.

organic ingredients

Many of the ingredients used in our formulations are certified organic. We do not state that on the labelling as some are certified by European or Australian organizations. The US FDA requires that only USDA (US Department of Agriculture) organic certification can be stated on labels.